Service Packages

At Ascentage Law we recognize the growing need for companies to plan and budget for legal services.

We are sensitive to those needs and offer a variety of Service Packages designed to meet the budget of any company or entrepreneur. These Service Packages provide you with the legal advice and services you need to help your company grow and to protect your business and intellectual property.

Our packages are designed to grow as your company grows. Our Lean Start-Up Package is perfect for businesses that are just launching and need the basics to get off the ground. We also offer Early Stage Packages designed to service your growing company. Finally, we can create a custom Outside/Inside Counsel Package where our attorneys handle all of your company’s legal issues as they arise.

Lean Start-Up Package:

$475/month for 3 months – click here to learn more.

Early Stage Packages:

starting at $250/month for 12 months – click here to learn more.

Outside/Inside Counsel Packages:

built and designed custom for your company on a monthly or hourly basis – click here to learn more or contact us today to get started and receive a quote.

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