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Success in the 21st Century is dependent upon a company’s ability to develop, keep and utilize commercial advantages in the marketplace. Ascentage Law possesses the business, technological and legal experience necessary to assist clients effectively in these critical activities.

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Intellectual property work encompassing patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Commercial transactions including licensing and distribution.

Cyberlaw, including data security and privacy policies and procedures.

Client Testimonials

“From establishing our legal entity, protecting our IP, enabling us to raise capital and drafting all the contracts and agreements required to operate in the digital age – Ascentage Law has delivered everything we need and at a very cost effective rate. We couldn’t have achieved the tremendous milestones so quickly without their help!” – CEO and Founder, Wagz, Inc.

“For a small SaaS business like ours, compliance with data privacy and security regulations can seem extremely daunting. We found ourselves in negotiations with large enterprises requiring cyber liability policies and third party audits of our software and systems. For a small company, these can be extremely expensive and difficult to put in place. Ascentage Law quickly provided us a clear road-map to resolve these issues, helped us to clearly understand the mechanics of implementation and got the deal signed. We feel more confident knowing that we have real professionals on our side who understand our business and its challenges and can guide us in an efficient and cost-effective manner, particularly in an evolving area of law like cyber security.”
Dan Dolan

CEO & President, 4D Technologies, LLC

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