Trademark Services

Proper Trademark Management is an Integral Part of Business Operations

Trademarks, service marks, and trade names are among your businesses’ most valuable assets. These names and marks represent your investment in marketing and product quality.

Often the value of a company is largely a function of the value of its marks. The original assets of Coca-Cola were sold for $2,300 in the late 1800s. Currently, the trademark portfolio alone is considered to be worth nearly $100 billion. Experts estimate this is the value of the brand name alone, not including any physical assets of the company. This is a prime example of why protecting your company’s brand name is vital for growth and marketplace value.

Proper trademark strategy is not accidental. Like all valuable business assets, trademarks must be carefully chosen, developed, and protected if your company is to retain control over an appreciating and critical business resource. It is imperative that proper screening be conducted when adopting a new mark so as to both avoid choosing an infringing mark and to adopt a distinctive mark that sets your brand apart from others.

Proper use of trademarks requires in-house systems and procedures to ensure that correct notices of ownership are employed, and to actively monitor for potential infringement by competitors and businesses in related fields and industries.

Ascentage Law offers its clients a business-grounded ability to provide counsel through the entire realm of trademark-related activities. We provide the legal information and counsel required to consolidate the value of these critical business assets.

Trademark Services include:
  • U.S. Trademark Availability and Clearance Searches
  • International Trademark Availability and Clearance Searches
  • U.S. Trademark Application Filing (Flat Fee Basis)
  • Trademark Application Prosecution
  • International Trademark Application Filing
  • Trademark Docketing and Monitoring
  • Oppositions to 3rd Party Trademark Registrations
  • Cancellation Proceedings
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Proceedings
  • Trademark Licensing and Leveraging
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
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