Internet, Software and Technology Law

Internet, software and technology-based companies have specific legal needs.

We work closely with entrepreneurs and start-ups, early to mid-stage and developed companies to fully understand their business model and offer bespoke services to help meet their objectives.

Our attorneys advise our clients on all aspects of applicable law daily. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the regulatory and marketplace landscape and incorporate applicable changes into the services that we provide to our clients.

We help entrepreneurs and starts-ups who want to launch a technology, software, or internet business, select, and form the appropriate type of entity (corporation, limited liability company, etc.) for their business model (including shareholder, founder, governance, early stage equity and option matters) and to identify protect, manage and monetize key intellectual property assets

Some of the other services that we regularly provide to our software, technology and internet based clients include:
  • Terms of service, privacy and related policies;
  • Data privacy and security and “privacy by design”;
  • Commercial contracts and licensing;
  • Office leasing issues;
  • Employment law issues;
  • Investment and venture capital;
  • NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and non-competition agreements;
  • Trade secret protection;
  • Intellectual property assignment matters;
  • SaaS agreements;
  • Open source management;
  • Development and service contracts for consultants and employees (including intellectual property assignment provisions);
  • ASP and hosting service matters; and
  • OEM and white-label agreements.
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