Strategic Relationships

Inter-firm Cooperation is Becoming Increasingly Necessary as an Instrument of Strategic Action

Three forces are at play in the modern global economy that make strategic alliances valuable:
  1. Marketplace pressures exerted by competitors with a history of cooperative activity, often orchestrated by governmental institutions, have caused companies to reexamine the prevailing “go it alone” attitude.
  2. The amount of resources, both financial and human, required to exploit commercial opportunities often can preclude the market success of unaffiliated, individual companies.
  3. Changes in legal regimes applicable to commercial activity on a global basis have lessened the uncertainties surrounding the collaborative activities among marketplace competitors.

Ascentage Law assists companies in designing and establishing productive strategic alliances. Each project has its own requirements which in turn dictate the exact nature of the applicable organizational structures and relationships. Ascentage Law works with the client to devise the most effective structure to promote the desired commercial objectives, whether they involve traditional vehicles, such as joint ventures, or more innovative forms of inter-company collaboration.

Management of fundamental knowledge and information assets (KI assets) is critical to cooperative venture success. This includes transfer of KI assets into the venture by the individual participants, as well as the KI assets created within the venture itself. Intelligent management of KI assets from the outset dramatically reduces the possibility of disputes in the future. Ascentage Law has the experience to help the individual parties identify, measure, control, and transfer these KI assets.

Cooperation and competition is a razor’s edge on which collaborative ventures must walk. Ascentage Law has the antitrust and licensing expertise that can minimize legal risks in balancing the desired level of cooperation with the legally required level of competition.

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