International Expansion

A Proven System for Establishing International Sales

If you have a successful product in the domestic market, Ascentage Law aids you in going global. Establishing overseas channels of distribution can be done utilizing a systematic, low risk method. The end result can be an exciting profit center for your company.

A most important element in establishing international sales is creating an enticing, long-term business opportunity for the potential overseas dealers or licensees. The International Dealer Kit is a vehicle that we used to establish the relationship with your overseas partner. It includes a method to qualify your potential foreign customers and the policies and procedures create long-term profitable relationship.

Many U.S. corporations fumble when attempting to market their products in the overseas marketplace. The problems of distance, cultural differences, language and uncertainty can inhibit the U.S. manufacturer or developer from truly maximizing their overseas potential. However the Ascentage Law team can help avoid those inhibitions and overcome international obstacles that a business might face.

Ascentage Law offers its clients practical business-grounded advice on how to sell products overseas. We start by learning about your company and your product offering. We then establish an Action Plan based on your goals, objectives and commitment to the program.

The Action Plan and Dealer Kits are your keys to the international marketplace.

For more information about Ascentage Law’s International Reseller/Business Partner Kit services, please contact Drew.


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