KI Asset Audit System℠

Identifying and Protecting Key Corporate Assets

What is the KI Asset Audit System℠?
Answer: A comprehensive means to review the status of a business’s most valuable resources

Intangible assets have replaced capital as the most valuable asset of most modern businesses. Intangible assets include intentions, original works of authorship and creation, proprietary data, confidential information and know-how, trademarks, customer and supplier information, and other forms of technologies, knowledge, and information owned or controlled by the business.

Many of these assets are protectable by the traditional intellectual property categories of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents, but significant assets are not. Your company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace can be described in terms of the value of your intangible assets, and the value of these properties is a function of their inherent usefulness, your company’s ability to exploit them profitably, and the security of your company’s control over the assets.

The KI Asset Audit System℠ offers companies the ability to comprehensively review these most valuable business assets, and identify areas where there are weaknesses in the protection strategies. The KI Audit System℠ provides an analysis of the strength of your business’ ultimate competitive advantage—the control and ownership of knowledge and information assets.

The KI Asset Audit System℠ comprises a complete investigation and analysis of the business and legal posture of your company’s intellectual properties and other knowledge and information assets. The audit results are developed in the form of a complete knowledge and information asset strategy, including recommended executive level decision paths and administrative paths.

The KI Asset Audit System℠ is an invaluable strategic tool for management, investors, and as a due diligence procedure for mergers, acquisitions, and companies preparing their initial public offering.

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